Why we are different

In our experience, team building away days and psychometrics don’t go nearly far enough.

We offer something different through our fully integrated approach to team development.

Deeper and lasting change happens when teams are pushed outside of their comfort zone. Using real insights from our objective diagnostic, we offer guided reflection and deliberate practice of the proven habits of high-performing teams.

This is how we compare with our indirect competitors:

These are the HR Directors challenges that commonly trigger the rapid adoption of Meta Team’s approach, in accelerating team’s performance, and how our solution addresses the challenge.

Leadership Development

  • Learning impact on workplace practice typically delivers single-digit uplift in performance
  • Often focused on ‘Me’ not ‘We’
  • Higher design and delivery costs

Team Building

  • A moderate positive effect on team performance
  • Does not target skill-based competencies (source: CIPD*)
  • Delivered outside of the team's day to day work


  • Personality types have limited impact on a team’s actual performance

Team Training and Development
Meta Team

  • Large positive effect on team performance. (Source: CIPD*)
  • Focused on We over Me.
  • Delivered within the flow of a team’s work.
  • Fast acting with lasting impact

*CIPD | High Performing Teams | An evidence review May 2023

We offer something different through our fully integrated approach to team development. This is how we compare with our direct competitors:



  • Only offer a 180/270 view of the team.
  • Solutions are standard for all team types.
  • Most competitor output is limited to PDF format.


  • Unstructured learning journeys with vanilla content
  • UFixed PDF generated interventions that are static and untailored.
  • UTeams typically have to attend time intensive and flow interrupting offsite workshops.

Accreditation and support

  • Time intensive and costly.

Meta Team


  • We offer a 360 view of a team. The only diagnostic to include the stakeholder view.
  • Every team’s pathway is sequenced using our proprietary research into team types.
  • Our output is dynamic, online, safe and clear.


  • End to end and fully integrated solution driven by the diagnostic results.
  • Flexible team workouts are easily adapted to fit the team’s needs.
  • The workouts are grounded in the work of the team and are delivered in the flow of the team’s operations.

Accreditation and support

  • Practical and accessible.
  • 1-2-1 coaching and supervision offered during live client engagements.

If you want to learn more about the science behind the Meta Team approach, please click here.