Team Leader

The challenges and events Team Leaders face

Meta Team delivers business impact at speed by strengthening each team’s courage, collaboration and cohesion.

Our team development solution is based on a deeply researched model of the inner and outer habits of high-performing teams and their associated micro-behaviours. These habits underpin our objective data-driven team diagnostic that identifies blind spots and hidden strengths within teams. We use team types to sequence the optimal development path, made up of 90-minute team workouts, which deliver accelerated team growth. These workouts have been rigorously tried and tested around the world with hundreds of teams.

Every team development pathway is customised, tailored and delivered within the flow of the team's work, so that development work is not disruptive. The solutions we propose fit culturally and are relevant to the specific needs of each team.

Team Leader challenges

Challenges that commonly drive Team Leaders to rapidly adopt Meta Team’s solution.

Team performance must step up a level.

Our objective data driven team diagnostic identifies blind spots and sequences a pathway for team development. Immediate and accelerated team growth happens through easy to absorb customised 90-minute team interventions delivered in the flow of the team’s work.

A mission critical project is heading off the rails

We accelerate getting the project back on track using our research into successful project team types. Within ten days we can diagnose, sequence and launch a customised turnaround pathway for the team.

When conflicts within the team damages collaboration

We build alignment around the strengths and blind spots of the team, developing the habits and micro behaviours needed for successful collaboration through our bite-sized experiential workouts.

When team is too focused on the task at the expense of the bigger picture

We generate the awareness through our team diagnostic, bringing in external stakeholder perspectives. Our tailored workouts address each team’s blind spots.

Mixed performance across the team members.

We deepen resilience, collaboration and sharing of best practice through our experiential workouts.

Lack of collaboration, influence and support from external stakeholders.

The diagnostic provides an objective view of the team’s blind spots and hidden strengths, from which we can sequence team interventions to take stakeholder influencing and relations to the next level.


Events that commonly drive Team Leaders to rapidly adopt Meta Team’s solution.

When a project team embarks on new and challenging projects

We start by developing the project team’s shared purpose and mutual accountability to accelerate the storming and norming of team behaviours. Six to twelve weeks in, the team diagnostic is completed to understand external stakeholder’s perspectives and sequence the next phase of the team’s growth journey.

When a team merges with another , often as part of organisational change.

We help teams adapt to organisational changes. We revisit shared purpose, stakeholder influencing and value creation. We reset and build trust. The team diagnostic is then completed to understand the perspectives of external stakeholders and to help sequence the rest of the team’s journey.