Making Teams Work

Meta Team delivers cost effective, commercially relevant, and fast acting team development.

Meta Team delivers

  • An inclusive team diagnostic that generates original output taking into account the views of each team member, the team leader, the team leader’s manager and the team’s most important stakeholders.
  • The identification of your team’s high impact behaviours in a sequence that accelerates your performance gains.
  • Complete customisation and personalisation of your team development journey, supported by tried and tested content and workouts.

Based on our deeply researched model of high performing teams, we strengthen and build the relevant habits and associated micro-behaviours through a structured development pathway.

Teams today are different, they’re more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. Success hinges on a core set of collaborative practices we call team habits. We’ve found a relatively small number of factors have an outsized impact on team success. Teams achieve big returns if they understand what those factors are, then sharpen their focus on practicing and improving each habit in turn.

Growth requires courage from the leader and openness from the team.

Our team development solution is based on the 8 inner and outer habits of high-performing teams. We identified these habits through our research with over 1000 teams, then validated with behavioural scientists, and tested globally over a twelve-year period. These habits underpin our data-driven team diagnostic that identifies potential blind spots and hidden strengths for teams.

Using this diagnostic, we generated insights from the 20,000 responses and built a set of team archetypes that sequence the optimal development pathway for each team. This means every team’s pathway is customised, tailored and delivered within the flow of their work, causing no disruption to the development journey.

Within the pathway we strengthen critical team behaviours through challenging 90-minute workouts relevant to their needs. Our workouts have been tried, tested and refined over many years, multiple markets and hundreds of teams.

T - Team Member
TL - Team Leader
S - Stakeholder
M - Line Manager

Meta Team consistently inspires and challenges teams and organisations to go to the next level.

23% Increase

A proven increase in performance and value from those teams that displayed the eight high-performing habits — tested with over 1000 teams from around the world.


41% Struggle

Teams struggle to improve how they work together.


26% Unaware

Teams do not recognise their shortcomings


79% Distracted

Teams say multiple priorities are pulling them in different directions.


26% Unsure

Teams do not have a clear and compelling team purpose.


It’s difficult

“No wonder team development is difficult as traditional approaches aren’t sufficient so companies are missing a trick.”



  • Agility
    Think strategically, the team synthesises and creates a view of their landscape in a way that enables them to innovate and make an impact.
  • Focus
    Driving for impact by turning the team’s purpose into plans, actions and reviews. Too many priorities often results in a lack of grip.
  • Trust
    Trust is the foundation of every successful team. It fuels speed of action, innovation, and belief in what the team can achieve together.
  • Adapting
    Looking at, acting on and reviewing how the team improves. Without it, teams get stuck.
  • Influence
    Influencers create and sustain the relationships they need to have impact. It enables the team to survive and thrive…
  • Purpose
    The team’s North star - the reason why the team exists. Teams who don’t share a strong purpose often struggle to make an impact.
  • Resilience
    The greatest influence on the team’s overall performance. Without it, teams struggle to overcome the roadblocks and barriers to success.
  • Taking Action
    Purposeful decision making and follow through helps teams to achieve results. Teams who are slow to take action have less influence.
  • Trust
    Trust is the foundation of every successful team. It fuels speed of action, innovation, and belief in what the team can achieve together.


Making Teams Work