LD Director

The challenges and events Learning & Development Professionals face

Meta Team consistently inspires and challenges teams and organisations to go to the next level.

Our team development solution is based on a deeply researched model of the inner and outer habits of high-performing teams and their associated micro-behaviours. These habits underpin our objective data-driven team diagnostic that identifies blind spots and hidden strengths within teams. We use team types to sequence the optimal development path, made up of 90-minute team workouts, which deliver accelerated team growth. These workouts have been rigorously tried and tested around the world with hundreds of teams.

Every team development pathway is customised, tailored and delivered within the flow of the team's work, so that development work is not disruptive. The solutions we propose fit culturally and are relevant to the specific needs of each team.

Challenges and Events that commonly drive Learning & Development Professionals to rapidly adopt Meta Team’s solution.

LD Directors challenges

These are the L&D Directors challenges that commonly trigger the rapid adoption of Meta Team’s approach, in accelerating team’s performance, and how our solution addresses the challenge.

Team development programmes lack impact. Either high-touch, expensive, slow to make impact with lack of scale due to cost. Or low-cost interventions with minimal sustainable impact

Our digital team diagnostic and tried and tested workouts deliver sustainable change, quickly and cost effectively. Inclusive, democratic, while minimising coach bias.

Accelerating strategy execution requires a step-up in collaboration.

We identify the root causes of barriers to team progress through our diagnostic. Our platform then optimises the sequencing of the team’s development pathway based on team type.

New functions coming together need stronger cohesion to take performance to the next level.

We support new functions in building the foundations of shared purpose and trust. When team behaviours are starting to form, our team diagnostic prioritises the optimal next steps.

Inclusivity and diversity are not generating sufficient cultural understanding or value.

Team dynamics are an incubator of organisational culture. Using our team diagnostic, we baseline existing team culture and strengthen inclusivity and diversity of thinking through our tailored team workouts.

Low psychological safety with a lack of trust.

We use our diagnostic to surface the issues within the team and build trust through our tried and tested workouts that build and develop psychological safety.


These are the events that commonly trigger a rapid adoption, by the LD director, of Meta Team’s solution to accelerate team’s performances, and how our solution addresses the trigger events.

New leader appointed but team performance is not matching expectations.

Our objective data driven team diagnostic identifies blind spots and sequences a pathway for the team that delivers immediate impact through easy to absorb 90-minute team interventions.

When a team merges with another, often part of organization restructuring.

We help teams adapt quickly to organisational changes by revisiting shared purpose and stakeholder influencing. As team behaviours start to normalize, our data driven diagnostic sequences the next steps of the team’s growth.

Transitioning to BAU post project/ transformation.

We help teams lock in and sustain the gains from transformation projects as project groups are dissolved. Our work includes sharpening focus and strengthening each team’s ability to take decisive action.