Strategic Partners


Meta Team seeks to work with teams through Strategic Partners and leverage that network for major global organisations. We offer full diverse, culturally relevant and multi-lingual facilitation of our workouts to develop team performance around the world.

Jo Lee, a trust Strategic Partner explaining - ‘what is Meta Team, why is it different and why have it as part of your proposition’.

  • Be at the centre and forefront of a new product — while our product has been ten years in the making it was commercially launched in early 2021. This is your opportunity to be a favoured pioneer to help us scale Meta Team globally and build your own client footprint and revenue streams.
  • Be part of a growing global community — we are building a global network of independent world class Strategic Partners who will cross pollinate their expertise, best practice, winning ways and reference sites through a digital forum and monthly meetings.
  • Intellectual, commercial and marketing support — we will be your active partner while always respecting your independence. For every client engagement we will be available to provide support and advice whenever you ask.
  • Commercially attractive margins — we have pitched our price to you to ensure that you can build in margins for your business. Any follow-on resulting work is your revenue.

What we promise our Strategic Partners

  • Access to a beautiful, highly researched team development product — as an accredited Strategic Partner you will have access to our platform and all our workbooks as required to support your client and the facilitated work outs of the prioritised team habits driven by our unique algorithm.
  • Your independence and our respect for your client relationships — your client is your client. Our only involvement will be our T&Cs regarding your client usage of our platform. Your pricing is your choice. Meta Team is simply a catalyst to help you build your commercial revenues and margins.
  • Open ears to your feedback wherever commercially practical — we will listen to your suggestions to improve our product, marketing collateral and partner support services.
  • Access to our product guru Rob Shaw — Rob Shaw’s profile reads like a who’s who in global leadership and team development – Rob will be available to you and your clients whenever you require for technical advice or marketing purposes with reasonable notice.
  • Full marketing support — we will make available to you all Meta Team collateral, product videos, podcasts, articles, case studies, reference sites and give your exposure on the Meta Team central web site as an accredited Strategic Partner

41% Struggle

Teams struggle to improve how they work together.


26% Unaware

Teams do not recognise their shortcomings


79% Distracted

Teams say multiple priorities are pulling them in different directions.


26% Unsure

Teams do not have a clear and compelling team purpose.


It’s difficult

“No wonder team development is difficult as traditional approaches aren’t sufficient so companies are missing a trick.”


23% Increase

A proven increase in performance and value from those teams that displayed the eight high-performing habits — tested with over 1000 teams from around the world.



Making Teams Work