Our Approach

Our experience has shown us that great teams drive the most successful businesses.

Each team’s success comes from a deeper understanding of themselves as a group and from constantly challenging themselves to go to their next level.

There are no quick fixes or one-off interventions. It requires a collective commitment to a development journey that fits the team, fits in with their work patterns, and transforms what they are capable of achieving together.

Our team development solution provides answers to these three questions:

  • what needs working on?
  • where to start?
  • how to make immediate impact?

Our high-performing team model underpins the objective data-driven team diagnostic that identifies blind spots and hidden strengths within teams.

We use team types to sequence the optimal development path, made up of 90-minute team workouts, which deliver accelerated team growth. These workouts have been rigorously tired and tested around the world with hundreds of teams.

Every team development pathway is customised, tailored and delivered within the flow of the team's work, so that development work is not disruptive. The solutions we propose fit culturally and are relevant to the needs of each team.

Meta Team deliver business impact at speed by strengthening each team’s courage, collaboration and cohesion.

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Meta Team provides a new way for teams to understand themselves, enhance collaboration, strengthen cohesion, and build resilience.

Meta Team works with both inner and outer habits to map out and accelerate a development journey that is unique to each team.

Fast track for teams to address their biggest challenges.

Team Performance Profiler:

An inclusive Team diagnostic that generates original output taking into account the views of the team, the team leader, line manager and team stakeholders.

A unique Team Type Algorithm

The algorithm identifies high impact team habits in a sequence that accelerates the greatest performance gains.

Team Culture Accelerator:

Complete customisation and personalisation of the workouts and content that build team micro-behaviours.

Team Coaching Hub:

Formal accreditation programme for both in-house and external team coaches to deliver Meta Team’s approach.