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Organisations are missing a trick, falling short of their true potential by under-leveraging the power of their teams. Investment is often made in the development of individual leaders, with the hope that team performance follows.

But transforming organisational performance doesn’t work that way. We know this from our extensive experience working closely with thousands of teams, hundreds of leading companies and the best consultants and organisational psychologists in business.

“There are no quick fixes or one-off interventions — it requires a collective commitment to a development journey that fits the team.”

Our experience has shown us that great teams are what really drives the most successful businesses. And each team’s success comes from both a deep understanding of themselves and from constantly challenging, evolving and achieving, taking them to their next level.

There are no quick fixes or one-off interventions. It requires a collective commitment to a development journey that fits the team, fits in with their work and transforms what they are capable of.

We created Meta Team to take your team on that journey. To bring the science of successful teams to the world of work, making it simple to master. Meta Team, where success becomes second nature.

41% Struggle

Teams struggle to improve how they work together.


26% Unaware

Teams do not recognise their shortcomings


79% Distracted

Teams say multiple priorities are pulling them in different directions.


26% Unsure

Teams do not have a clear and compelling team purpose.


It’s difficult

“No wonder team development is difficult as traditional approaches aren’t sufficient so companies are missing a trick.”


23% Increase

A proven increase in performance and value from those teams that displayed the eight high-performing habits — tested with over 1000 teams from around the world.



The familiar team interventions of strengthening relationships (team building), deepening awareness of psychological behaviour or preferences (psychometrics) or training and education (leadership training) don’t go far enough.

Deeper change happens when teams are pushed outside their comfort zone through structure and deliberate practice of the eight habits. This deliberate practice and digging deeper into why teams don’t change is a key part of the Team’s journey .



Most companies offering team development use psychometrics as a principle method. We see this as the fitness equivalent of buying a new pair of trainers, helpful but insufficient. Psychometrics can create an initial surge of energy through the new insights they can bring, but this fades quickly and individuals and teams return to the familiar and falsely reassuring mindsets and behaviours.

You also often get a reaction of “that was interesting” but now what?



We see this as similar to a gym induction day. Individuals and teams have the opportunity to use new equipment and experiment with new techniques.

These sessions are often revealing and interesting, but once again momentum fades when individuals and teams return to the workplace, with little to no change sticking.

Once again there is the “now what” factor.



The fitness equivalent of a personal trainer is a positive shift in commitment.

Working over time enables individuals, teams and the coach to build momentum. The challenge is how coaching stands up to pressure and challenge in the workplace.

Progress can be undermined and individuals and teams slip back when challenge increases.



Continuing with the fitness metaphor, leadership programmes are like a retreat. Intense, focused and theoretical, there is a focus on knowledge telling versus behaviour transforming. Like team building events, individuals revert to the familiar without the challenge and support needed to commit and follow through with the deliberate practice.

So there is a marked difference between what’s on the market now and what we offer which is a proven method

Teams can achieve extraordinary things through the insight of Meta Team’s diagnostic tool, the structured deliberate practice necessary to improve, and the habit building tools and techniques needed to let go of the familiar and make lasting change happen.


Rob Shaw


Rob is passionate about making change happen, always looking to generate insight, challenge and growth. He has been lucky enough to partner with leading consulting companies and psychologists from Harvard to discover that teams and their underlying habits make the greatest impact on performance.

He worked for BAA, Accenture and BT, where he specialised in leadership and transformation before setting up his own consultancy to coach hundreds of ambitious leaders and global teams. Rob’s recent clients include Aviva, Bristol Myers Squibb, HSBC, Unilever, Vodafone and many more where he has helped leaders and teams shine a light on underlying habits - to accelerate their growth and taking performance to the next level.

Rob was a client of Russell and Byron’s when he was at BT. They reconnected to form Meta Team in 2020, creating a scaleable and affordable digital learning platform to enable leaders and their teams to learn and grow by bringing the science of successful teams to the new world of work.

Russell Ward


Russell has a unique combination of commercial and digital learning expertise across 35 years of working in every role and all aspects of sales including European Sales Director for 11 years for MAID/Dialogue and others.

He created and ran Silent Edge, a leading brand in sales transformation for 15 years whose USP was cloud-based assessment and digital learning technology. This was used by hundreds of blue chip companies across the globe to successfully drive their revenues and change behaviour. He also wrote a book called High Performance Sales Strategies that captured the approach and was published by Pearson.

Russell has been creating and developing digital learning platforms for over 20 years now and is a co-founder of Meta Capability which specialises in creating bespoke digital learning platforms enabling users to really engage and be motivated to see what they are capable of and develop quickly.

All of those years of experience of creating successful brands and platforms have gone into developing the Meta Team platform and go to market approach after forming the company in 2020 with Rob.

Byron Ward


Byron is a logical, creative and ambitious learning product development technologist, focused on delivering bespoke learning platform’s for Meta Capability and Meta Team clients, covering the professional body membership sector and multinational corporates.

He left PwC where is was heading up the QA of the firms next generation global learning platform to create Meta Capability with Russell in 2019, and then more recently Meta Team with Rob in 2020. Byron manages Meta Capabilities’ development of the digital learning platform for Meta Team.

Prior to PwC he was the CTO of Silent Edge a VC backed sales and talent management organisation who licensed SaaS technology, offered consultancy and training services. He developed learning and development technology products, licensed by blue-chip global companies generating reoccurring revenues of up to £10 million.

Overall Byron has had +20 years leading UX teams, solution architects, developers, content teams, and support resources, as well a cross functional corporate teams client side. He focuses on identifying commercial opportunities and developing world class learning and development products.


Where success becomes second nature